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'Cause You

Happening Magazine Issue : 101

Compilation CD (2015)


3. 'Cause You 

KOBE Voir Tour II : Come With Us live at The Second Floor (2014)


1. Here

2. ความทรงจำที่ถูกทิ้ง (Left Behind Memory)

3. Jives

4. The Ballad of a man and His Sorrow

5. By My Side

2011-2012 established another tour called Voir Tour II: “Come With Us”. This time the tour took place only in Chiang Mai and was artfully captured in sound and video, and later released on YouTube ( and Vimeo ( kobethailand). KOBE have been writing original songs, performing them at venues and events, and also recording them into demos.

KOBE Voir Tour II : Come With Us live at The Second Floor is live album from The Second Floor Bar (CHX,Thailand) compliment from KOBE VOIR TOUR T-shirt. This 5 songs have been rearranged from original for Acoustic Session.


EP here (2013)

1. Here

2. The Ballad of a man and His Sorrow

3. By My Side

4. Jives

5. ความทรงจำที่ถูกทิ้ง (Left Behind Memory)


In their first release, Here, Kobe’s mighty performance establishes their evolution over the four years since the band’s formation.


Being satisfied not to attract attention before time, focused on developing the essential sound, feeling and meaning. “It took time to get it right,” say the band. The result is strong, honest, heartfelt music. What more could you ask for?


“The songs tell stories about life, relationships and some of the consequences,” and all the affection between the fizzing chords, thumping jumping bass n drums and intense vocals gives a power to these stories and the music that’s growing with each performance.


Drawing on diverse musical backgrounds and meticulously honing their skills. Determined not to be parochial, pushing boundaries without compromise and daring to set their sights on expanding the possibilities for their own music and for the music in Thailand. Kobe are building big bridges and moving the indie rock scene forward with their straightforward, in the face music.


Kobe say of Here that the EP is “A signal fire to let people know that there’s a band that cares,” and that their ultimate achievement would be to lighten the daily load and inspire people to find life more beautiful.


Ayu, Hwee and LJ have known each other for 10 years, worked together on this project for 4 years, and yet they all feel that it’s not a long time, and that the years leading up to their first release have made them strong, proud of their music, ready to take on the next four or ten years together, enjoying the love and enduring the suffering. And that’s exactly what the music sounds like.


“Lost in searching for perfection” is where everything supreme has come from in this world, and Kobe are Here.


- Paul Sugars

here EP Album
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