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After releasing the EP "here" in 2013,

KOBE, consisting of

Bain Chompoowong (Lead vocal, Guitars),

Tawan Chiraseepanya (Bass, vocal) and

Ayu Charuburana (Drums, vocal)

have grown their reputation among non-mainstream audiences. Following up in 2015,

KOBE’s main focus is to produce their début album, which contains more richly detailed music, gained from a hands-on approach to all aspects of the production, and especially from the live performances for which KOBE are well-known and which have drawn ever more supporters.


After more than 10 years together, knowing each other since high school, with music as the fundamental bond of their brotherhood and friendship, their highest hope is that the audiences’ lives will be inspired and encouraged, as their motto reminds,


“If you’re not okay… Just think of KOBE”.

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